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Fat Removal with BodyFX Body Contouring

BodyFX™ is a brand new, non-invasive treatment for fat removal that has no pain, bruising, swelling or downtime. It targets fatty tissue and helps to reshape and contour your body. It is ideal for smaller pockets of fat that exercise alone won’t shift and it is designed to permanently destroy fat cells by causing thermal damage to the fat layer destroying the fat cells that the body disposes of naturally.

How does BodyFX Work?

The BodyFX deploys a trifecta of actions:
1) Radio Frequency Heating
2) Vacuum Massage
3) High Voltage Pulse (HVP)

The BodyFX applicator has a large suction cavity on the undersurface of the hand piece with RF electrodes on each side.  The hand piece applies suction pressure to the soft tissue, drawing the skin and subcutaneous tissue into the cavity.  Bipolar RF is passed between the two electrodes and through the adipose (fat) tissue and the skin.

As the RF heats the tissue, the surface temperature rises. The BodyFX™ handpiece displays the measured skin surface temperature on the hand piece.  When this reaches an endpoint that is established by the operator (the trigger temperature) the device emits a train of High Voltage Pulses (HVP) directly into the adipose (fat) tissue.

BodyFX™ causes irreversible electroporation (the process of creating pores in cell membranes under an internal electrical field, leading to the apoptotic death of cells).  This causes the fat cells to die and the adipose (fat) tissue deflates and loses volume, thereby improving body contouring and dermal (skin) tightening aided by the RF energy.

Are there any Side Effects?
Skin erythema (redness), mild edema (swelling) and a heat sensation are typical following the treatment, and can last up to 6 hours.

Who is BodyFX Recommended for?
TheBodyFX™ procedure is suitable for mild to moderate fat, which is often seen in younger women and men. Treatment is safe and effective for individuals of all skin colours.

How Often do I need to have Treatment?
You will need 6 weekly treatments in total.

What are the Results like?
The results are permanent, but a top up treatment every 2 to 4 months will boost the results.
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See the BodyFX Body Contouring Results:

BodyFX Body Contouring

Weeks of treatment: 6 Frequency of treatments: Once a week

Number of treatments: 6 Frequency of treatments: Once a week