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Hearing and Balance Services

holtlogolargeAt Cedar House Clinic we offer quality private diagnostic assessments and tailored rehabilitation for hearing, balance and tinnitus difficulties, along with provision of quality private digital hearing aids. We also offer hearing protection for both industry and leisure noise.

Private Digital Hearing Aid Services

As independent State Registered Hearing Aid Audiologists we are able to provide and fit hearing aids from any manufacturer to best suit each individuals patients needs. All hearing aids are on a 60 days trial period.

Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Services:

We offer comprehensive assessments which enable us to offer tailored tinnitus retraining therapy management programs customised to individual needs, including information, counselling, tinnitus retraining, sound therapy and sleep and relaxation advice.

Balance Services:

We are able to offer full diagnostic assessments and deliver rehabilitation plans following referral.

Children’s Hearing & Balance Assessments:

We can undertake this on children of all ages and discuss the options available and where appropriate provide management programs for children with hearing and balance problems.

Ear Care and Wax Management Services.

Marianne Holt


Marianne Holt              Consultant Clinical Scientist (Audiology)

Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist (registration number 50890)




Phil Holt


Philip Holt                     Consultant Clinical Scientist (Audiology)

Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist (registration number 50891)




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Email: enquiries@holthearingandbalance.co.uk
Tel:  01270 211 009  Fax: 01270 256 550