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Hypnotherapy with Maria Fielding GQHP AdvDipHyp, NLP Pract, RGN (Retired)

mariaBefore qualifying as a Hypnotherapist with the Contemporary College of Therapeutics, Maria was a Registered General Nurse within the NHS with 30 years clinical experience. As a nurse she became aware of the effect of the mind on the body and visa versa. She has recently successfully completed a Certificate in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

About Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Hypnosis is used for exactly the same purpose each and every time it is induced: to gain access to the powerful inner mind, the non critical subconscious. The use of hypnosis is a drug free process of quietening down that part of your mind that constantly talks to you. Once this is achieved, direct access to the subconscious is available, but rest assured, you are still very much and in most cases more aware of what is being said.   Hypnosis can be induced in many different ways but the most common method is by guided imagery of calmness and peace, combined with the use of visualization that produces a profound state of relaxation and concentration.

How can Maria Help You:

Maria offers an integrated approach to therapy depending on your individual needs and uses a range skill which may include Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Parts Therapy, and Cognitive Approaches.

Here are some conditions people most commonly seek help with :

Agoraphobia Addictions Anger management Anorexia Anxiety Arachnophobia Assertiveness Bedwetting Behavioural change Bereavement Best man’s speech Bingeing Blushing Bulimia Car Sickness Childhood abuse Claustrophobia Comfort eating Communication problems Compulsions Confidence Depression

Difficulty sleeping Digestive problems Driving Driving test nerves Eating disorders Emotional eating Emotional issues Exam stress Fear of birds Fear of spiders Fears Flying phobia Frustration Gambling Grief Habits Hair pulling Headaches Hypnotic gastric band IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Impatience Insomnia

Jealousy Loneliness Love issues Low mood Low self-confidence Low self-esteem Motivation Nail biting Nervousness Obsessions OCD Pain management Panic Panic attacks Performance anxiety Performance Issues Physical problems Post-traumatic stress Procrastination Public appearances Public speaking Rejection

Relaxation Sadness Self esteem Self harm Shyness Smoking Smoking cessation Spiders Stage fright Stammering Stress Stuttering Temper Tension Timidity Unwanted habits Virtual gastric band Wedding nerves Weight loss Weight management Worry


Maria Fielding GQHP AdvDipHP NLP Pract NLP Master Practitioner   Qualifications

      • GQHP – General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy) – Contemporary College of Therapeutics
      • AdvDipHP – Advanced Diploma in Integrative Hypno-Psychotherapy – Contemporary College of Therapeutics Cert Coun
      • Certificate in Counselling Theory & Practice – Contemporary College of Therapeutics
      • NLP Pract – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Practitioners Certificate -Contemporary College of Therapeutics
      • NLP – Master Practitioner – Contemporary College of Therapeutics
      • Retired Nurse (formally RGN- Registered General Nurse – with the NMC from 1973 – 2011)

Continuing Professional Development – Courses Attended

      • College of Integrated Therapies – Certificate in Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS Treatment by Gut Orientated Metaphor.
      • Mind Dream Band Training – CPD with Luca Senatore
      • Weight Control techniques – John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
      • Smoking Cessation Techniques – John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy
      • EMDR Workshop – EMDR Europe
      • Hypno-analysis and Free Association – Central England Hypnotherapy Association
      • Deep States Training – Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
      • Hypnosis for Pain Management – Hypnotic Outcomes
      • Masterclass in Depressive Disorders – Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis
      • Hypertension – Hypnotension
      • Safeguarding Adults Awareness – Shropshire Council
      • Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy  (REBT) – skill24 Training

Parts Therapy-Dr Brian Roet Memberships

      • GHR (Registered) – General Hypnotherapy Register
      • The National Hypnotherapy Society

Maria Fielding website:  www.shrewsbury-hypnotherapy.co.uk

The initial meeting –  This is an opportunity to for us to meet. You can tell me about your ‘issue’ and decide if you feel comfortable to work with me. It’s also an opportunity for me to tell you how I work and consider how best to help.

If we decide to work together we then make an appointment and this requires a non-refundable booking fee of £20 to secure the room booking. This sum can be redeemed against your final session but cannot be refunded if you miss an appointment (for whatever reason) or fail to give less than 48 hours notice to cancel.

Each subsequent  (50 minute to one hour) session, (with the exception of Smoking Cessation), costs £60.

Examples of pricing
1hr of hypnotherapy £60