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Red Vein Removal

Thread veins are a lot more common than you might think – as many as 20 per cent of 20 year olds and 50 per cent of 50 year olds have thread veins and both men and woman can be affected. Thread vein removal can tackle a range of thread veins, from fine red ones to larger purple or deep blue veins.

Facial Red Veins, or ‘broken veins’, are fine visible veins appearing near the surface of the skin. They tend to become larger and more intensive over time, appearing in clusters. Exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays, wind or extreme temperatures, steroid creams, hormonal changes during pregnancy and radiotherapy have all been recognised as causes of red veins. Facial Red Veins can also be associated with Rosacea, a common condition of an unknown cause, affecting the skin on the face.

Skin treatment with various lasers, particularly the Nd:YAG laser system, works effectively on these conditions by matching the laser light to the colour of the lesion, eliminating the vessels by heat. Through a technical process called photothermolysis, the laser only interacts with the unwanted red vein – completely bypassing normal, vein free skin. As each laser pulse is extremely brief ,there is no build up of heat on the skin, minimising interference with the skin structure with virtually no risk of side effects.

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