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Arm Reduction

Many women find that after losing weight and through ageing that their skin can become loose and saggy and unresponsive to regular physical exercise. Excess skin and fat under the arms is more commonly known as ‘Bingo Wings’. An Arm Reduction or Brachioplasty removes excess fat and loose skin from the upper part of the under arms.

The surgeon makes an incision in the under arm for quite some length. Despite this being a long scar, the lasting effects of the patient being able to wear sleeveless tops and dresses and their overall confidence, far outweighs any scarring from surgery. The remaining skin is pulled and stitched back together.

How Long does the Procedure take?
Arm Reduction surgery takes approximately 2 hours to perform.

What Anaesthetic is available?
Arm Reduction surgery can be performed either under General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic with/without IV Sedation and is normally a day case procedure, which means you are not required to stay overnight in hospital. You can discuss which Anaesthetic options are most suitable for you at your initial consultation with the surgeon.

The Results
The majority of patients find that they have more slimmer, shapely and youthful looking arms following surgery. Confidence is restored and the opportunity to wear sleeveless tops and dresses again.

Factors to Consider
Before undergoing any surgery, be sure to speak to your surgeon about the type of results you are expecting. Arm Reduction  surgery leaves permanent scars. Your surgeon will explain the type of results you can expect following surgery and will discuss any possible risks and alternatives to the treatment, before you go ahead.

What is the Recovery Period?
Although Arm Reduction surgery is a straightforward procedure, you will need to take approximately 5 days off to rest, but please discuss this with your surgeon at your initial consultation. You will need to avoid any lifting and strenuous exercise for a minimum or 1 month following surgery. Your recovery time will be faster if you opt to have your surgery under local anaesthetic with sedation as opposed to general anaesthetic.

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