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A Labiaplasty or Genital Reshaping simply means reducing the size of the inner labia (the inner genital lips). In order to do this, the surgeon cuts away the unwanted labia tissue to create the desired shape. Alternatively, they can remove a wedge shaped section of the labia, leaving the front intact and removing the tissue from behind. This means there is no change in the colour of the labia and makes the signs of surgery less noticeable.

How long does the Procedure take?
The surgery normally takes up to one hour to perform.

What Anaesthetic is available?
A Labiaplasty can be performed either under General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic with IV Sedation. You can discuss which Anaesthetic options are most suitable for you at your initial consultation with the surgeon.

The Results
The Labia are reshaped to the desired look and the results are permanent.

Factors to Consider
Following the surgery, the genital area will be swollen and painful and it is therefore likely that you will be unable to have sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after. There may also be some risk of infection, permanent colour change and loss of sensation in the area.

What is the Recovery Period?
It is recommended that you take 1 week off work to rest, but please discuss this with your surgeon at your initial consultation.

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