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Male Breast Reduction – Gynaecomastia

Up to 60% of men suffer from what is most commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’. If you are one of those men who suffer from this embarrassing and confidence knocking condition, Gynaecomastia surgery could be the solution you have been looking for. The surgeon makes an incision around the areola to access the excess breast tissue. Very occasionally, these incisions may extend further down the chest area and the nipples may need to be repositioned. The procedure uses similar techniques to those used during liposuction.

How Long does the Procedure take?
Gynaecomastia surgery takes approximately 1 hour to perform.

What Anaesthetic is available?
Gynaecomastia surgery can be performed either under General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic with/without IV Sedation and is normally a day case procedure, which means you are not required to stay overnight in hospital. You can discuss which Anaesthetic options are most suitable for you at your initial consultation with the surgeon.

The Results
The majority of patients find that the breast area is flattened in shape and reduced in size. Results are normally permanent, however hormonal imbalances, weight gain and the use of certain sports enhancing drugs, including anabolic steroids, may cause the breasts to re-enlarge.

Factors to Consider
Before undergoing any surgery, be sure to speak to your surgeon about the type of results you are expecting. Where the breast area is enlarged due to being overweight, poor health and excessive alcohol and unhealthy eating choices, you may first be able to reduce the size of your breasts through regular exercise and a healthy eating regime. Gynaecomastia surgery leaves permanent scars, which are often red and lumpy for several months, but usually fade to your natural skin colour.

What is the Recovery Period?
Although Gynaecomastia is a straightforward procedure, you will need to take approximately 5 days off to rest, but please discuss this with your surgeon at your initial consultation. You will need to avoid any lifting and strenuous exercise for a minimum or 1 month following surgery. The surgeon will most likely use dissolvable sutures and a pressure garment will need to be worn for up to 4 weeks to ensure you have the best result from your surgery. Your recovery time will be faster if you opt to have your surgery under local anaesthetic with sedation as opposed to general anaesthetic.

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