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Prominent Ear Correction

Otherwise known as an Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty, Prominent Ear Correction surgery reduces the size or prominence of one or both of the ears. The surgeon makes an incision just behind the ear in the natural fold where the ear meets the head. Skin and cartilage are then removed from the ear to achieve the desired look. Finally, the surgeon stitches up the incision and then bandages the ears to protect them.

How long does the Procedure take?
The surgery normally takes approximately 1 hour to perform.

What Anaesthetic is available?
An Otoplasty can be performed either under General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic with IV Sedation. You can discuss which Anaesthetic options are most suitable for you at your initial consultation with the surgeon.

The Results
Once you have undergone Ear surgery, the results are permanent, although due to the fact that ear cartilage is very elastic, there is always some forward movement of the ears following surgery.

Factors to Consider
Before you decide to speak to a plastic surgeon about the procedure, have a think about whether surgery is really necessary. Most people’s ears are not perfectly symmetrical or perfect to start with. Try and be realistic about what you are expecting from the procedure. Whilst Ear surgery can can change the physical appearance of the ears, there are limits to what it can achieve. Whilst your stitches are healing, you may feel that your ears are pulling or are tight, but this usually stops. The majority of patient’s scars are not noticeable, but sometimes excess scar tissue can form which can look unusual. Please discuss these and any other concerns you may have with the surgeon, at your initial consultation.

What is the Recovery Period?
It is recommended that you take 1 week to 10 days off work and you are required to wear a head bandage from 7 to 10 days to support the ears in their new position. The area will feel tender and swollen for 1 week or so, however once the sutures and bandage have been removed at 7 to 10 days post surgery, you will feel a lot more comfortable.

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