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Blood Spots (Campbell de Morgan Spots)

What are Blood Spots?
Blood spots or Campbell de Morgan spots are bright red spots, usually just a few millimetres across, although with time they may grow to be half a centimetre. Most people over the age of 30 have at least one & they are even more common in men than women. They are very bright red in colour and have a very clear margin. They should not be confused with spider veins or thread veins, which have red streaky veins radiating away from them.

What causes Blood Spots?
Blood spots are not broken capillaries but permanently dilated capillaries.  They have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict. Blood spots usually develop with age and become more common and larger as you get older. They frequently occur on the neck, back, and abdomen, but can occur all over the body.

Are Blood Spots Dangerous?
Blood spots are not harmful, but their appearance is unsightly and may cause distress by affecting your confidence.

What Treatment is Required to Remove Them?
At Cedar House Clinic, we use an Advanced Cosmetic Procedure which involves the tip of a small probe touching the skin and coagulating the blood in the tiny vessels. This then collapses the vessel and it disappears. The treatment is slightly uncomfortable but is easily tolerated and there are minimal side effects, which are usually heat and swelling in the surrounding area that has been treated.

What Results are Expected?
Blood spots can be successfully removed leaving the skin looking clearer and healthier. This treatment is suitable for both women and men on all body areas.

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