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Skin Tag Removal

What are Skin Tags?
A skin tag is a common, acquired skin growth that looks like a small piece of hanging skin. They typically occur in characteristic locations including the neck, underarms, eyelids and under the breasts.  Although skin tags vary somewhat in appearance, they are usually smooth or slightly wrinkled and irregular, flesh coloured or slightly more brown and hang from the skin by a small stalk. Some skin tags may be as large as a grape.

What Causes Skin Tags?
The definite cause of skin tags is unknown; however, they may be irritated from rubbing by clothing or other materials. Skin tags are more common in people who are overweight or who have diabetes. Skin tags are usually painless.

What Treatment is Needed to Remove Skin Tags?
To remove skin tags, we use the latest advanced cosmetic procedures. Before the treatment a consultation is required. This will establish the best form of removal for your skin tag. Some will require local anaesthetic and will then be removed by a scalpel, but smaller skin tags can be removed using a small probe to be used with a tiny energy current to remove the blemished area.  The treatment itself is a little uncomfortable but easily tolerated and local anaesthetic can be used if needed. There are minimal after effects, with a little tightness and scabbing to be expected. Each treatment lasts 30 minutes.

What Results can be Expected?
Skin tags can be removed successfully leaving a healthier clearer looking skin. This treatment is available to both men and women on the face and on other body areas.

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