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Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins have a psychological and physical impact on your life leading people to make changes to their lifestyle. Swimming, holidays, wearing shorts, aching legs, heaviness and heat etc all make life miserable.

Varicose-VeinsVaricose veins should not have an impact on your daily activities and if they do, you should contemplate the option of private surgery to relieve you of all these problems


If you suffer from the embarrassment of unsightly varicose or thread veins or any of their complications – discomfort, discolouration or ulceration you will want to ensure the highest standards of treatment at a time to suit you.


At Cedar House Clinic we understand that comfort and appearance is important to you and you will want the reassurance of being able to obtain the most effective treatment without having to wait.


It is a regrettable fact that few NHS hospitals have vascular specialists experienced in the latest diagnostic methods so essential for the successful treatment of varicose veins and thread veins.


Even where available, NHS delays, postponements and cancellations are frequent due to limited resources. Waiting lists may extend up to two years, and often NHS treatment is simply not available at all for “cosmetic” conditions.


Our consultant is an experienced vascular consultant who is the leading expert in this field. Our clinic provides diagnostic techniques and precision treatments producing excellent surgical and cosmetic results.


Diagnosis and Investigation

Careful clinical examination of the leg veins is necessary before treatment starts. Ultrasound equipment is used to assess the veins which cannot be seen through the skin. This investigation is painless and helps to pin-point the source of the problem.


Doppler Ultrasound
Two kinds of machine are used in the diagnosis of varicose veins. The expertise of our specialist will determine which type of investigation is appropriate in your case.


Varicose-Veins2Hand-held Doppler:
These are small “pocket” machines used by vascular specialists. They produce a sound as a result of blood flow. It is particularly useful in selecting those patients who require more detailed examination by duplex ultrasound scanning.


Duplex Ultrasound Scanning:
At Cedar House Clinic we strongly feel that the best treatment for your leg veins can be achieved only by performing an ultrasound scan of the veins. This allows accurate diagnosis and mapping of your leg veins so that a bespoke treatment of your veins can be offered and provided.


All patients seen for a new consultation at Cedar House Clinic therefore undergo a Duplex or Doppler ultrasound of the leg veins. Duplex ultrasound imaging provides a moving picture of the blood vessels in the leg. A blood flow ‘map’ is added which shows the direction of blood flow in veins. This enables a record to be made showing the precise location of the leaking valves.


Knowing where the problem has arisen enables the specialist to plan accurate treatment thus reducing the risk of recurrence.


The scan is vital in establishing an accurate diagnosis which immeasurably improves the success of treatment and post-operative complications. Long term recurrence rates are thus reduced to less than 3% in comparison to a recurrence rate throughout the U.K estimated by some to be as high as 35%. Following your consultation and scan the specialist will discuss his recommendations with you.


At the Cedar House Clinic you can be assured of individual attention and that any treatment recommended by the specialist will be performed using the most advanced techniques.



Varicose veins do not get better by themselves; indeed they get worse slowly and progressively. These damaged veins serve no useful purpose.


Early treatment often prevents the symptoms developing and, of course, removes the unsightly appearance. In fact, the earlier you receive specialist treatment the better the long term clinical and cosmetic results.


Treatment is designed for each patient based on the results of the vein test. Everyone is different, so individual tailoring of treatment is essential.


Operation on Veins
Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia. The varicose vein operation involves tying off the source of any veins in which the valves have failed through incisions 3-4cm in length. These are made either in the groin or behind the knee depending on which veins are diseased. Where a large vein inside the leg is affected, that vessel is removed by a technique known as “inverted stripping”.


To do this special instruments developed in Switzerland are passed along the vein and then the entire length of the diseased vessel is inverted and removed through a tiny incision in the skin. This method causes less bruising and pain. Smaller varicosities are usually removed by a technique called “hook phlebectomy”.


Tiny incisions are made in the leg (not more than 2mm in length) over the varices. Again special Swiss hooks and forceps are used in order to avoid the need to make large incisions. These tiny incisions usually require no stitches, and they need only be covered by small plasters. The long term results of varicose vein surgery are excellent both commercially and clinically. The tiny scars fade to white marks in a few months and are hardly noticeable.


For further information or to arrange a consultation with our vein specialist to discuss your needs, please call Tel: 01743 271404